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The long-awaited Tron 3 has finally been officially confirmed, with Jared Leto to star in the film as rumoured.. While confirming his involvement in a new tweet, Leto also briefly appeared to let. The Disney company has announced that 'Tron 3' is officially in development! Jared Leto is reportedly being considered to star in the next exciting chapter of the Tron movie franchise. Disney. Tron 3 + Jared Leto. In 2010, Disney produced Tron: Legacy, which modernized the original story from the 1980's film. Even though it had been through extensive planning and pre-production, in May of 2015, Disney nixed Tron 3 from the expected trilogy. According to reports, Jared Leto has been tapped to star in Disney's Tron franchise reboot The third film in the TRON franchise is once again in development. TRON 3 will reportedly star Jared Leto and pick up with a continuation of the story from the first two movies. The original TRON was a 1982 sci-fi film starring Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, a computer programmer who is transported inside of a mainframe computer and attempts to escape with the help of programs

Oscar-winner Jared Leto has confirmed his involvement in a reboot of Disney's Tron franchise, after earlier reports linking him to the project emerged. However, Leto, currently starring in Blade Runner 2049, said that things were still in the early days in terms of boarding yet another '80s-influenced project.. RELATED: Disney Eyes Tron Reboot With Jared Leto Tron 3's title appears to have been accidentally revealed by star Jared Leto in a since-deleted social media post.. The Oscar-winner confirmed his involvement in the Disney threequel this week.

Jared Leto accidentally reveals 'Tron 3' titl

Tron 3? Jared Leto Fuels Casting Rumor Fires. As rumors surface that Jared Leto is being considered to star in a third Tron film, a social media post reveals his connection to the franchise. Rumors recently began swirling that Disney planned to move forward with active development on a third Tron film, a decade after the sci-fi franchise's. While all signs were pointing to Tron 3, or whatever it ends up being called, coming sooner rather than later, Jared Leto has essentially confirmed that production may only be a few months away. Now reports are coming in that Tron 3 is actually moving forward with development and they are eyeing Jared Leto to star. BREAKING: Disney confirms that 'Tron 3' is officially in development. Jared Leto is reportedly in talks to star. A director search is underway, but the studio is hopeful that 'Tron: Legacy' director Joseph. The news is two-pronged and begins with a Disney Insider report that says a new Tron movie with Jared Leto attached as the lead, is still in the works with a director search underway. Disney Insider also says the project is expected to be more of a Tron sequel rather than a reboot, and the cast from Tron: Legacy could return RELATED: Tron 3 Workout Photo Shows Off Jared Leto's Grid-Ready Physique. What the title means exactly is anyone's guess. Ares is, of course, the name of the Greek God of War,.

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Tron 3 is apparently happening after all! New reports confirmed by Nerdist say the long-awaited sequel to Tron: Legacy has tapped Jared Leto to star and Osca.. Tron 3 Rumored With Jared Leto; Disney Confirms Script. It's rumored that Tron 3 is in the works starring Jared Leto which will be a sequel to 2010's Legacy. The rumor comes from the Disney fan site The DisInsider which states Disney canceled plans for a John Ridley Tron Disney Plus series because they want to bring it back to the big screen Jared Leto confirmed the news of Tron 3, but accidentally revealed the secret title.. Jared Leto might star in Tron 3. At one point, the Dallas Buyers Club actor was rumored to be starring in the Tron sequel, though the possible lower budget of the movie may mean that will not.

Good news from the Grid, Tron fans. The third movie is beginning to gain momentum at Disney, with Deadline reporting the studio has tapped Lion director Garth Davis to helm Tron 3, with Jared Leto. Earlier today, we reported that Tron 3 was officially in the works, with Lion director Garth Davis, It Runs in the Family writer Jesse Wigutow, and Suicide Squad star Jared Leto all in tow. Leto. Tron 3 confirmé par Disney et par Jared Leto. le 11/08/2020 à 09:15 par Charles Martin. Disney L'acteur de Suicide Squad a même déjà fait une boulette et aurait visiblement fait fuiter le titre

Tron 3 is finally happening a decade later and Jared Leto is getting ready to make it happen. The Oscar-winning actor will lead the cast of the latest entry in the franchise and he is starting to. Jared Leto's recent confirmation that he is looking to bring a new Tron film to the big-screen led many to assume that those that starred in 2010's Tron: Legacy wouldn't be joining him

'Tron 3' Moving Forward With Jared Leto to Star, Garth Davis to Direct 'Tron 3' Moving Forward With Jared Leto to Star, Garth Davis to Direct. By Allie Gemmill Published Aug 10, 2020 Actor Jared Leto just posted a selfie to Instagram looking ripped, announcing he has started the Tron workout in preparation for the third Tron movie Jared Leto will play the lead role, and recently he shared a picture for it. Keep reading to know everything about it: Jared Leto In Tron 3. So after waiting for so many years, finally Disney officially announced that Tron 3 is happening, and it will cast Suicide Squad star, Jared Leto. He will play the lead role in the film

T he Tron franchise is about to have its third installment. It's reported that Tron 3 is in development, with Jared Leto playing the lead role. After years of rumors and delays, Disney is finally putting words into action and has started work on the long-awaited. The Tron franchise gets a reboot. Tron 3 is a much-awaited third film from the Tron series. The original Tron film was released in. Tron 3 movie with Jared Leto rumored to be on the way. Disney fan blogs are reporting that a new Tron movie with Jared Leto is in the works from Disney Garth Davis (Lion) is in negotiations to direct, with Jared Leto set to star. Leto's attachment to a third TRON film has been known for a few years, and it looks like his involvement is assured now Jared Leto Looks Very Ripped in a Mirror Selfie after Training for Upcoming Movie 'Tron 3'. Actor Jared Leto shows off his superb ripped physique in a recent post about working out for his role in Disney's movie, Tron, shared on his Instagram page. As Disney's sci-fi hit movie, Tron moves closer to production, actor Jared Leto took to. Jared Leto has confirmed that he will star in Tron 3.The original Tron hit theaters in 1982, starred Jeff Bridges, and gave way for a new cinematic world. The sequel, Tron: Legacy, was a more financial success than a critical one, and it starred Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde in lead roles, with Jeff Bridges returning as well.While promising reports of a third film have been floating around.

Tron 3 with Jared Leto, Development Rumors Confirme

  1. Tron 3 In Development, Starring Jared Leto. One of Disney's execs has revealed that the long-awaited third movie in the Tron series is officially in the works, and already has a star attached
  2. Tron 3 will follow 1982's cult sci-fi adventure Tron and 2010's Tron: Legacy, and is set to star Jared Leto (Blade Runner 2049, Suicide Squad). Leto is now in training for the role and has posted.
  3. Tron 3: Jared Leto might have revealed the project's title. Following the news of director Garth Davis signing on to helm Tron 3, Academy Award-winner Jared Leto took to Twitter to confirm the.
  4. Tron 3 is reportedly in development, with an already written script and Jared Leto signed on to star. The talks of a third Tron film - which will pick up with a continuation of the plot from the first two movies- has been making the rounds for the past three years, and it's apparently once again in development after being scrapped in 2015.. The original Tron was a 1982 sci-fi film starring.
  5. Jared Leto already has major movie franchises on his plate, but the pile just recently grew with the confirmation of his starring role for the back-on-track Tron 3.While the star's excitement.

TRON 3 Starring Jared Leto Is Back In Development Screen

The movie news account claims that Disney has confirmed that 'Tron 3' is in development, info that comes from The Dis Insider. Jared Leto is also reportedly in talks to star, and the studio is. Tron is a popular science fiction media franchise consisting of two major films. The third instalment in the Tron film series has been in talks for a long time. Recently, the development rumours about Tron 3 are making the rounds with Disney. Now it is said that Jared Leto is in early talks to star in the movie Jared Leto didn't hid his excitement about joining Tron 3 when confirming his role in a recent Instagram post. The Morbius star expressed his gratitude in getting the opportunity to continue the.

Tron 3: Joker-Darsteller Jared Leto verrät aus Versehen den Titel Hy Quan Quach 14.08.2020 Nun nimmt die Fortsetzung endlich Gestalt an: Jared Leto soll die Hauptrolle übernehmen Tron 3 Jared Leto as Ares. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys APA Heritage Month STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Event Tron 3. In a (since-revised) tweet, Jared Leto referred to his planned Tron project as Tron: Ares. G/O Media may get a commission. bObsweep - Bob Standard Robot Vacuum and Mop - Champagne Today, Tron 3 is finally a reality thanks to the fact that Lion and Mary Magdalene director Garth Davis has been officially tapped by Disney (and a very spoilery Jared Leto) to bring the sequel into further stages of development. According to Variety, Leto is attached to star and co-produce and director Garth Davis set to helm, Tron 3 has also gotten Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family) to. Jared Leto didn't hid his pleasure about becoming a member of Tron 3 when confirming his function in a current Instagram put up. The Morbius star expressed his gratitude in getting the chance to proceed the story and teased that he and his collaborators have some particular concepts in thoughts

Jared Leto Confirms Involvement In Tron 3 Plans CB

  1. Jared Leto is reportedly in talks to star. A director search is underway, but the studio is hopeful that 'Tron: Legacy' director Joseph Kosinski returnsas well as Daft Punk for the score
  2. Jared Leto spoiled the title of Tron 3!. The 48-year-old actor headed to Twitter to share his own excitement for the movie finally moving forward, after they found a director in Garth Davis. I.
  3. g that he will star in the film. Deadline reports that the long-awaited threequel is now in development.
  4. Our trusted source informed us that a Tron reboot with Jared Leto is still in the works with a director search underway. Now, that is not the most significant update I've heard. From what I've been told, the film is expected to be more of Tron sequel rather than a reboot, and the cast from Tron: Legacy could return
  5. That Jared Leto is a real triple threat: Singer, actor, blabbermouth.. In a recent tweet, the star revealed that, yes, he will be starring in a new Tron movie, which was only recently confirmed to.
  6. Tron 3 's title appears to have been accidentally revealed by star Jared Leto in a since-deleted social media post. The Oscar-winner confirmed his involvement in the Disney threequel this week.

Tron 3's title was accidentally revealed by Jared Let

  1. g TRON movie is it's still in development. The third installment of the series promises to star Jared Leto. Earlier this year, there was an announcement John Ridley was to direct a Disney+ series for the franchise
  2. Tron 3: Garrett Hedlund says it's not totally dead First Morbius trailer turns Jared Leto into the living vampire Best of 2016 (Behind the Scenes): How Lion found its 8-year-old sta
  3. Jared Leto has been attached to the potential Tron project since 2017. The actor was thrilled to finally be able to confirm himself for Davis' film in a series of celebratory social media posts. Leto also wrote about his love of Tron's futuristic neon-infused world

The third movie is beginning to gain momentum at Disney, with Deadline reporting the studio has tapped Lion director Garth Davis to helm Tron 3, with Jared Leto expected to star. Deadline notes, Tron would mark Davis' first tentpole, and though he is not known for big-budget projects, insiders say Davis aggressively pursued the job. Tron 3: Jared Leto CONFIRMS Playing The Lead, Says We Will Work As Hard As. The original Tron was released in 1982 giving way into a new cinematic world. The sequel of the film titled.

Tron 3? Jared Leto Fuels Casting Rumor Fires CB

Jared Leto might have accidentally revealed the Tron 3 title on social media when he went to confirm his casting in the Tron sequel directed by Garth Davis Jared Leto has confirmed that Tron 3 is still in the works - despite lingering uncertainty about the sequel.. After Tron: Legacy revived the storyline from the 1980 original in 2010, a third. Garth Davis to direct Jared Leto in Tron 3, possibly titled Tron: Ares August 11, 2020 by: Cody Hamman Last month, we heard a rumor that a new TRON film was finally moving forward at Disney Ein dritter Teil mit dem Arbeitstitel Tron: Ascension war in der Vorproduktion, bis Disney die Entwicklung im Jahre 2015 auf Eis legte. Nun gibt es Gerüchte um eine Wiederaufnahme des Projekts. Unsere zuverlässige Quelle informierte uns vor ein paar Monaten, das noch immer ein Tron-Reboot mit Jared Leto in Entwicklung sei und dass man nach. Jared Leto bestätigt seine Teilnahme auf Twitter. Der Schauspieler kann seine Vorfreude für das Projekt nicht in Schach halten und verrät versehentlich den Titel der Fortsetzung. Tron 3 heißt.

Jared Leto’s Tron 3 movie finds a major director - Polygon

Jared Leto Is Getting Seriously Ripped For His Tron Role

The third installment of Disney's 'Tron' is finally getting a life. The third chapter of the movie will star Jared Leto and will be directed by Garth Davis.The writer of the third chapter is Jesse Wigutow. The third chapter of the movie follows 'Tron' 1982 and the sequel 'Tron: Legacy' of 2010. Th Tron 3 has been announced and Jared Leto may have just leaked the title. By Bradley Russell 11 August 2020. Tron 3 is on the way and stars Jared Leto. Comments (Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Rumor: 'Tron 3' Reportedly In Development with Jared Let

So it seems that whole Tron 3 thing may be happening again Jared Leto ha commentato con entusiasmo il suo coinvolgimento da protagonista in TRON 3 attraverso un tweet.Stando alla segnalazione di un utente di Twitter, Jared Leto avrebbe spoilerato il titolo di TRON 3 in un precedente tweet poi cancellato dallo stesso attore. Vediamo qui sotto il tweet (senza spoiler) in cui l'attore commenta la sua partecipazione al film RELATED: Tron 3 Workout Photo Shows Off Jared Leto's Grid-Ready Physique. That is shifting ever-so-slightly, with news of Tron 3 emerging many times over the past seven years. Last year, it was. Back in 2017 though, Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski revealed that Tron 3 was not dead but had just been in a cryogenic freeze as it got retooled. Shortly thereafter, it was reported Jared Leto was attached to star in a new film titled Tron: Destiny, which was to serve as a reboot of the franchise and then we heard nothing. In the excitement of have his casting in Tron 3 break online, Jared Leto might have gotten a little bit ahead of himself and spoiled the title of the upcoming Disney movie. In a now deleted tweet.

'Tron 3' Is Back In Motion With Jared Leto Still Attache

  1. 3.Tron 3 must justify the existence of whatever Jared Leto's character is doing. Although we don't actually know anything about the plot of Tron 3 — it could be a black and white steampunk.
  2. Tron 3 : Jared Leto en tête d'affiche et Daft Punk de retour à la BO ? Par Clément Cuyer — 8 juil. 2020 à 10:40 Un troisième film Tron serait toujours en développement chez Disney
  3. The other large nugget of news is that Jared Leto will indeed be taking on the led in an unknown role. Tron was originally released in 1982 to mixed critical reviews, but it forged a cult following over the years. It finally received a sequel in 2010's Tron Legacy. While the film performed moderately, there has been a lot of talk over the.
  4. Desde 'Deadline' informan que Disney dio luz verde a 'Tron 3'. El largometraje estaría protagonizado por Jared Leto, ganador del Oscar en 2014
  5. Jared Leto le da al gym para Tron 3 y así es como luce. Jared Leto se ha estado preparando con el ejercicio después de que se confirmara una nueva entrega de la saga Tron y se nota el esfuerzo. Jared Leto es un actor muy complejo y, aunque tenga una larga trayectoria, siempre se ha caracterizado por generar opiniones divididas. En una.

Para ello, ya tiene un protagonista adjudicado, Jared Leto (que, por cierto, filtró el título 'Tron: Ares' en un tweet que luego borró), el polémico Joker de 'Suicide Squad'. En Xatak El productor de las películas de Tron, Joseph Kosinski, estuvo hablando en la Comic-Con de San Diego referente a la situación del Fanservice en sus películas que no deseo agregar, puedes ver lo que dijo aquí.. Como el productor menciono muy poco al respecto de Tron 3, nadie tenía expectativa que la tercera película fuera ser cierta, pero ahora con la confirmación del actor Jared Leto.

Tron 3 Title Revealed Then Deleted by Jared Let

'Tron 3' seguiría adelante y con Jared Leto como protagonista ¡Qué se confirme ya! Por Cynthia Martín. 09/07/2020 En 1982 el mundo conoció a 'Tron' (Steven Lisberger) y se metió. Disney lawyers are liking fuming about this one. In a now-deleted Tweet from his official Twitter account, actor Jared Leto accidentally leaked the title of the upcoming third Tron film. Reportedly called Tron: Ares, the actor originally posted the below message with the film's title properly listed.. I am so very excited and proud to confirm that YES - I will be starring in TRON Though the idea for a third Tron movie was scrapped in 2015, it seems a Tron 3 might still be happening as there are reports that states a new Tron movie is on the way from Disney, with Jared Leto set to star.. The news was first reported by The DisInsider who wrote that reliable sources have informed them that a third Tron movie is on the way at Disney, with a director search currently ongoing

According to The DisInsider, Disney is currently on the search for a director for TRON 3, and Jared Leto (Blade Runner 2049, Suicide Squad) is set to star. We don't know what kind of story the third film will have, but the original plans for the third movie (dubbed TRON: Ascension ) were supposed to have the world of the Grid come to the real. Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinksi is still hopeful about a third Tron film, Tron 3, or as Kosinski has stated, tentatively titled Tron: Ascension. In fact, the director talked about Jared Leto. Can You Not: Jared Leto May Get His Method Acting All Over a Potential Tron 3 Come on, Disney. Fight for the fans However, it looks like the Tron 3 film is finally getting off the ground. Excitingly for music fans, it looks like Daft Punk could be involved, Jared Leto could also star in the film Jared Leto is taking on Tron. Leto, 48, is set to star in the third movie in the film franchise, which started with the 1982 special effects marvel that gained a cult following and a sequel, Tron.

Leto est attaché à Tron 3 depuis 2017. L'acteur co-produirait également le film. Le Tron original est sorti en salles en 1982. Le film de science-fiction a imaginé un monde à l'intérieur d'ordinateurs où des programmes vivants existent à l'image de leurs créateurs Trzy lata temu informowaliśmy o tym, że Jared Leto może zostać gwiazdą trzeciej części widowiska TRON. Potem jednak o filmie zrobiło się cicho i zapewne większość fanów uznała, że trafił on do kosza. Tak jednak nie jest. Według doniesień z różnych źródeł. TRON 3 wciąż pozostaje w planach Disneya. Zaś Jared Leto. Tron 3: Jared Leto é confirmado no elenco da continuação. Para os fãs de ficção científica, a Disney trouxe novidades animadoras: a franquia Tron, já conhecida por muitos, vai ganhar um. Jared Leto protagonizará Tron 3, que ya tiene director. Tron Legacy - DISNEY MADRID, 11 Ago. (CulturaOcio) - Disney le da una nueva oportunidad a la saga 'Tron'. La compañía prepara una nueva.

Jared Leto Bikin Kekar Badannya untuk Tron 3. Pada Juli lalu, aktor Jared Leto dipastikan bakal membintangi sekuel film Tron: Legacy (2010). Saking antusiasnya karena terlibat di proyek Tron 3, Leto pun turut membagikan kabar tersebut di akun media sosialnya. Bahkan, Leto tertangkap enggak sengaja mengungkapkan judul dari film ketiga Tron tersebut A post shared by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on Aug 10, 2020 at 2:36pm PDT Tron Jared Leton motorcycle Light Cycles disney movie bike click to load Disqus comments for this story This enables Disqus. A sequel to Tron (1982) and Tron: Legacy (2010), the yet untitled Tron 3 has been announced. Reportedly titled Tron: Ares, the third instalment stars Jared Leto in the lead. The movie will be helmed by Garth Davis of Lion fame. Released in 1982, Tron was considered groundbreaking when it came to special effects From Digital Spy. Disney's Tron 3 looks like it's finally be going ahead, with Jared Leto confirming that he will star in the film.. Deadline reports that the long-awaited threequel is now in development, with Lion director Garth Davis attached to direct.. Leto confirmed his own involvement in a Twitter thread posted on Monday (August 10). I'm struck with such gratitude for the opportunity to.

Tron Fans Are Losing It After Jared Leto Pays Tribue to the Original Film. This week has seen fans of the Tron franchise working through a lot of emotions. A report from The Disinider began to. The Latest Update After years of behind the scenes difficulties, Tron 3 is finally looking like it is happening. It has been three years since Jared Leto was first reported to be attached to the project. Now, as Deadline first reported, the project has found a director in Garth Davis and has a s. The Disinsider reports that Tron 3 is still very much in development, and a director is currently being sought. Jared Jeto ( Suicide Squad, Morbius) is said to be attached to star, but there's. El actor estadounidense Jared Leto protagonizará Tron 3, la tercera parte de la saga de ciencia ficción iniciada en 1982 y que ya tiene en el australiano Garth Davis a su director. Medios norteamericanos confirmaron que Davis logró convencer a los ejecutivos de The Walt Disney Company, propietaria de la franquicia, de que era el indicado para darle continuidad a la saga, según.

Tron 3 Updates: Jared Leto & New Director (Nerdist News w

Einige Jahre ist es schon her, dass Tron 3 wieder angeschoben wurde - als neue Geschichte, eine Art Reboot, mit Jared Leto in der Hauptrolle. Nun geht es mit dem Projekt plötzlich voran Ten years after \'Tron: Legacy\', the franchise starring Jeff Bridges is back in the news as, according to Deadline, it is confirmed that there will be a third part starring Jared Leto. \'Tron 3\' also already has a director: it will be Garth Davis who goes behind the scenes in the science fiction film set in the famous cybernetic universe

TRON 3: Jared Leto reported to lead new film – Film StoriesDisney is considering booting up a new sequel to Tron

Jared Leto Showed Off His Jacked Physique While Posting A 'Tron Workout' Photo. Way back in March, Jared Leto emerged from the desert (following a silent meditation retreat) and was stunned to. 8 Jul - Jared Leto was first announced to star in a Tron movie about three years ago but there's been no update on it since. Now the latest update from Disney fan news site The Dis Insider brought word that the movie is still happening. Currently referred to as Tron 3, reportedly it will no longer be a reboot but rather a sequel to the 1982 Tron and 2010 Tron: Legacy. Talks of a.

Jared Leto was so excited to confirm his 'Tron 3' role that he leaked the title. After years of speculation, the long-awaited Tron 3 has officially been confirmed. This week, Jared Leto took. TRON 3: Jared Leto reported to lead new film. Cinematic Universe taken off, it's not hard to imagine that Disney would have gone ahead with its mooted plans for a TRON 3. The project was certainly in the works after the expensive revival of the series with 2010's TRON: Legacy. But this was an era where the Mouse was searching for. El actor Jared Leto dio muestra de cómo ha avanzado en su preparación dentro del gimnasio para la película Tron 3, que está próxima a ser una realidad.. Fue en el pasado mes de agosto que se dio a conocer que la cinta Tron 3 estaría en proceso de desarrollo bajo la dirección de Garth Davis.. Te puede interesar: Mira cómo luce la protagonista de 'La Niñera', Fran Drescher, 25 años. A Tron Legacy sequel has been confirmed to be in the early stages of development. Jared Leto is in talks for Tron 3 and Daft Punk will return to create the soundtrack. Praise the Users! The news of a third Tron film was confirmed by Mitchell Leib who is the President of Music and Soundtracks for Walt Disney Studios. Leib appeared on the podcast Light the Fuse, and said Disney is in talks. The trade confirms that Jared Leto (Suicide Squad, Blade Runner 2049) is still attached to star Deadline stresses that Tron 3 hasn't actually been given the greenlight, so there's always a.

Tron 3: Jared Leto acidentalmente revela título do novo filme. Somos realidade virtual! Quase dez anos depois do lançamento de Tron: O Legado, que por sua vez era a sequência do filme original de 1982, a Disney parece estar pronta para seguir em frente com a franquia de ficção científica, conhecida por ser uma experiência visual e tanto While TRON: Legacy wasn't the perfect film, the movie was still a success in the box office and fans have been waiting for years for a follow-up. News came out last July that Disney wanted to push forward with TRON 3 starring Jared Leto, and it looks like that project has found a director Disney Reportedly Working on Tron 3, with Jared Leto in the Lead Tron: Legacy fizzled when it premiered at the box office in 2010, earning only $400 million on a budget of $170 million. Nobody expected a sequel due to such lackluster profits, but according to a new report by The DisInsider,. 11/08/2020. Emma McIntyre. 'Tron 3', nueva entrega de la franquicia de Disney, ya tiene director: Garth Davis. La película contará con Jared Leto como protagonista. Diez años después de. Accueil > Actualité > Cinéma > Tron 3 confirmé avec Jared Leto, Daft Punk de retour ? mardi 11 août 2020 12:32 C'est désormais confirmé : un troisième épisode de la saga Tron va voir.

La franquicia de Tron continuará con una tercera entrega con Jared Leto de protagonista. El ganador del Óscar, quien ha tenido recientes trabajos en «Escuadrón Suicida», «Blade Runner 204» y «Morbius» estará bajo la dirección de Garth David.. El rodaje de este proyecto ha comenzado y ha sido el mismo actor que ha revelado detalles publicando una fotografía mostrando cómo va su. Jared Leto accidentally tweeted the title for the third 'Tron' movie.The 'Suicide Squad' star revealed back in 2017 that he was in ''early discussions'' to join the franchise and bring the next.

A post shared by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on Aug 10, 2020 at 2:36pm PDT Aside from a starring role in Tron 3, Leto also serves as co-producer along with Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook Tron 3 semble être sur le point de devenir officiel. Le film a enfin trouvé son réalisateur, et son acteur principal Jared Leto pourrait bien avoir révélé le titre de ce nouveau chapitre de. Dilansir Screen Rant, Lieb mengungkapkan bahwa Disney sedang melakukan proses pengembangan untuk film Tron 3 yang akan melibatkan aktor Jared Leto. Meskipun begitu, jajaran pemain dalam film sebelumnya, seperti Garrett Hedlund dan Olivia Wilde juga dikabarkan bakal kembali dalam proyek film tersebut

A First-Timer Directs ‘Tron: Legacy’ for Disney - The NewTRON: Ares — The Movie Database (TMDb)Crypto-137 Returns in Destroy All Humans! Remake | ThePatricio Estrella tendrá su propio programa en NickelodeonOverwatch Introduces Ashe's Mardi Gras Challenge, New Skin

LLEGA 'TRON 3' CON JARED LETO 13/08/2020 by MenudaReina 0 Comments 299 Views. DISNEY+, UNA AVALANCHA DE CONTENIDOS ESTE AGOSTO 'AN AMERICAN PICKLE', UN VIAJE AL PASADO. Cine. LLEGA 'TRON 3' CON JARED LETO. 13/08/2020 by MenudaReina in Cine. CIN Disney Akhirnya Melanjutkan Proyek Tron 3 dengan Jared Leto dan Garth Davis Cinemags Dipublikasikan 01.30, 11/08/2020 • Kent Disney akhirnya bergerak maju dengan sekuel Tron terbaru, 10 tahun setelah Tron: Legacy yang dibintangi oleh Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, dan Jeff Bridges Save Tron 3. August 11 ·. OOPS! . The latest installment in the Tron universe, the Disney franchise about entering a computer game, has a title... that Leto accidentally revealed. collider.com. 'Tron 3' Title Accidentally Revealed by Jared Leto, and It's as Cryptic as You'd Want It's probably one of the worst kept secrets that Tron 3 was in the works. It now seems Disney are close to starting the next instalment with the Jared Leto and Garth Davis set to direct.. Deadline have broke the news on this one, but state the news of Garth Davis as director is not 100% confirmed. Davis will be known more for his smaller arthouse films including 2016 film Lion starring Dev.

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